Globtainer Logistics Algeria is a company with a human dimension that federates its employees around ambitious projects with high added value.

Our main objectives are:

  • Spreading a culture of excellence
  • Enforcing our commitment as responsible players
  • Enhancement and development of our employees’ skills
  • Establishing of a work environment conducive to professional growth

Committing to incorporating and developing new talent is part of our development policy. That’s why GLOBTAINER offers you the opportunity to move along in your professional career in an ambitious and ever-expanding company where new challenges are constant.


Increasingly present in the market and with a strong brand image, GLOBTAINER allows its employees to achieve various professional backgrounds in different jobs (transport & logistics, sales, finance & accounting, human resources, communications, IT …).

The daily practice of these jobs requires a sense of initiative and responsibility. That’s why we have an organization that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, and gives everyone a chance.

The pillars of our career management are:

  • Globtainertraining is convinced that the development and reinforcement of the know-how of its employees in jobs that are constantly evolving necessarily means training, this remains a key element of our company’s strategy to preserve its human capital.
  • Globtainercoaching also promotes development in action, uone of the levers fostering the development of its human resources, that’s why Globtainer provides a good accompaniment to its new recruits by relying on the know-how ofexperts from higher level and various fields.


RH Ratios 2016’s index 2017’s index 2018’s Index (Predictive)
Annual hiring rate 31% 19% N/A
Annual training rate 11% 14% N/A


Our job offers are rich and diversified encompassing positions in different fields including logistics & transport as well as international trade, which requires us not only specific knowledge corresponding to each position, but also foreign language proficiency, dynamism, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, commitment and dedication.

Thank you for your interest in Globtainer.

For exemple :

Ad Places Departement Dated
Help desk Alger IT The 02/12/2017
Business development manager Alger Commercial The 02/12/2017



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