We make every effort to improve the security of the flow of goods in the supply chain from the producer to the end customer. We combine the usual practices of supply chain management by adding a security aspect to protect your interests and ensure the value and quality of your goods.


As part of a responsible commitment reflected in a sustainable development policy, we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our footprint. Our choices of pre-transport and towing equipment are conditioned to achieve a significant reduction of our carbon emissions.

We have a Cargo insurance for goods being transported by maritime, air and land fleet with Alliance Insurance which covers each transport that we realize up to 130.000.000 DA and more if necessary.

We are a member of the (FIATA), International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.

Certification (AITA), International Air Transport Association: Certification process in progress.

Political quality

Our quality policy being one of the major levers of our corporate culture, we rely on transparency by sharing with you our codes and commitments:

Quality Charter and Management Commitment


Our engagements

Our Values ​​Model:

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics:


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


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